"Fondness and hospitality in the end of the world"




Is a mapudungun word that means "quiet place or for rest". Name given by our father in 1965, when only the pampa, the wonderful skies and noisy wind accompanied the visitors of the the island Tierra del Fuego, faraway land where today, the five brothers grounded life this beautiful project called Inn Tunkelén, where our customers are special guests and treated with the great love of theworld's end.

Our History


Our parents, Gabriel Mansilla and Ercilia, from the island of Chiloe, founded Hosteria Tunkelén in 1965, starting with 10 rooms, which were then mainly for companies.

Since 1987, hereditary succession formed by their 5 children, have worked to maintain its leadership as a family business, making significant investments and adapting services not only for companies, also aimed for tourists.

Our permanence in time and success, is the result of much effort, but mainly "we feel the true passion to deliver the best of us."

We serve with love and respect for our customers who have rewarded us with loyalty and giving excellent recommendations of us.