"Fondness and hospitality in the end of the world"


Our Spaces and Services

Tunkelen has a restaurant and 50 rooms in three buildings, each with different prices and facilities according to customer needs.










Since october 2016

  • Single Room _________________________________ $ 74.390.- CLP

  • Double Twin Room or
  • Matrimonial Room _____________________________ $ 74.390.- CLP

  • Triple Room _________________________________ $ 93.500.- CLP

  • Quadruple Room ______________________________ $ 105.200.- CLP

  • Double twin Room or single Room __________________ $ 39.500.-CLP
  • calafate - coihue (shared bathroom)

All our rates are continental breakfast includet


Breakfast: 07:00 pm. to 09:30pm.
Lunch: 12:00 pm. to 14:00pm.
Dinner: 19:30pm. to  22:15pm.

    Menu for groups_______________________________ $ 23.900.- CLP
    Box Lunch____________________________________ $ 9.800.- CLP

The menu does not include drinks or wine And there is no discount or pax release These prices are TAX included. Not include 10% of suggested tip.


1. All reservations must be requested in writing and confirmed by the same route (mail)

2. To confirm reservation a payment of the 50% of the total booking value will be required.

3. Until the deposit is made, the reservation will attempt status.

4. The balance of the total value of the reservation must be received 10 days prior to the date of entry of passengers at the hotel.

5. All reservations that do not complited these requirements may be canceled.


Cancellations over 30 days in advance: No charge

Cancellations between 29 and 10 days before: charge of 10% of the total reservation

Cancellations between 9 and 5 days before: charge of 50% of the total reservation

Cancellations between 4 and 0 days prior: charge of 100% of the total booking value.


1. "Group" means a reserve of eight or more rooms.

2. 10% group discount, valid only in value rooms.

3. The payment of a guarantee of 50% of the total reservation is required to confirm it.

Clarisa Mansilla Mansilla